Die Meisterklasse zur Entdeckung deiner dunklen weiblichen Energie.


What is cutting you from your power, pleasure and success

When did you lose your fearless, strong, passionate magnetism ?

Most women gave in to the average instead of living in strength and ecstasy.

But it’s time to step into your magnetic strength again, darling…

This will happen, when you access your dark feminine !

What exactly is your dark feminine ?

The DARK FEMME MAGNET will remind you.

I will meet you, where you belong, Alien!


  • is your answer  into the mysterious side of your feminine
  • will avaken the conciousness how you are blocking yourself from magnetic power, soulaligned success and deeply rooted passion
  • guides you through the different types of femme energy
  • takes you out of the masculine and unhealed feminine to be a home for miracles again in life and business
  • Is your absof*****lutely entrance  for deep pleasure, power and magnetism

I am ready, if you are!

My name is AVA and I have founded AVAKE ME in devotion to your true power and potential.

As an advocate of the dark feminine, I have guided many women back into their selftrust, ecstasy and also success.

But it hasn’t always been like that.

Not only having been an actress, stylist , spiritual teacher internationally, I have also faced darkest moments with myself.

Faced abuse, addiction, depression and much more.

Having transformed all of this into true whole feminine power, intense love and soulaligned success, my wish is to avaken YOUR flame again, love.

Don’t settle for less. Let’s bring your mystic and magic back !